Soccer in Sewickley


Sewickley Area Soccer has a long history and tradition of teaching new and rising young players the worlds most popular game!



  • Introduce kids to the ball and the game

  • Develop Individual Soccer Skills and Tactics

  • Teach Teamwork and Positive Attitudes

  • Promote Higher Levels of the game for Players

  • Identify Players who can and should move up and help them achieve this

  • Foster Parent Volunteer Involvement and Community Support


  • Volunteer to Coach a Team (we assist in licensing and certification)

  • Volunteer to Help with Field Set up and Take down each week

  • Volunteer your time to help the club with administrative duties

  • Become a Soccer Referee (we offer in-club training and certification) 


A Letter from our SAS President:

Dear Sewickley Area Soccer Parents,

Hello, I'm Lynn Horton, mother of former soccer player and referee Rick Moeslein and current soccer player and referee Miranda Moeslein. I have been serving in SAS as the Age Group Coordinator for the U9-14 girls and last fall took over (in a peaceful transfer of power) the Presidency of SAS from Joel Swanson. I want to thank Joel for his tireless support of SAS over the decades and his continued service to SAS in his role (with his wife Maria) as referee coordinator.

I wish my first letter to SAS parents as President could be on a happier note, but some events at games this last fall across our league has brought to light some sad incidents that we as a soccer community must address. 

Near the end of the fall season one of the Division Directors at PAWest (our parent organization) sent out a strongly worded letter about inappropriate parent and coach behavior towards referees. Additionally, each coach and administrator involved with PAWest North District (our district) received a letter from the Director at PAWest toward the end of the fall season on that same subject. Unfortunately, we had a prime example of that happening at one of our fall games. The incident involved a parent of an opposing team player verbally abusing one of our SAS referees after a game, including following that referee to their car while verbally abusing them.

I am happy to say that in the hundreds (!!) of SAS soccer games I have attended over the years, and the many games my children have refereed, I have never seen an SAS parent act in such a manner. In fact, I've always been proud of how our parents cheer in a positive manner and encourage our kids from start to finish. I have often heard from opposing coaches about how gracious our players and coaches are in victory and defeat. Please know that this letter is only a reminder to continue on in that vein, and not the result of any action by a SAS parent or coach.

At the same time, if you see a referee missing a blatant foul, or you see other parents or coaches behaving badly, please address the issue with your child's coach, Joel or Maria Swanson (, Chris Karwoski ( or me ( There are mechanisms in place to help educate referees if they are making poor calls, or address issues with parents or coaches. Referees are only human, they are learning, and the best way for them to become better referees is through proper educational channels. Abuse of referees should never be tolerated.

The consequences for abuse of a referee have become more severe as well. If you decide to take up the matter on your own with a referee, opposing player, parent or coach, not only can action be taken against you as a fan (banned from games), but also against the coach of your child’s team (multi game suspension), your child (removed from team for anywhere from a game to a season) as well as SAS (from fines to teams banned from play). Finally, if a referee feels the game situation has gotten out of hand due to abuse from a coach, player or fan, they have the right to terminate the game. Always keep in mind that your actions can affect more than just you and your child.

Please, cheer as loud and as much as you want (and anyone who has sat next to me at a game, knows how much and how loud I cheer) but keep it positive and encouraging for ALL involved. Help keep the game civil, friendly and positive for our children. Because, in the end, that's what the game is all about- our children and how they can improve and grow not only as soccer players but as human beings. Good sportsmanship, being a positive part of a team, and being gracious win or lose are the most important lessons our children can take from the great game of soccer.

For the love of the game and those who play it!! 

Go Sentinels!!

Lynn Horton

SAS President and Girls U9-19 AGC



As your childs' first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in school.




We invite you to work with our teachers to help students get all they can out of their growing years.

Want to become an SAS Volunteer Coach?


-visit the PA West Website to obtain your clearances at Click on "Coaching" then click on "Risk Management" and follow the steps to obtain your 3 required clearances. 


-visit PA West Website again and click on "Coaching" then click on "Licenses"--and then from the pop up window choose "F License" which you can complete on line.

Third Step---SUBMIT COPIES OF ALL CERTIFICATES TO SAS DOC coach chris--and you are good to go!